William Ackerman’s Passage Review

Photo Credit There's a calm in the air as I type up this review. I am currently listening to William Ackerman's album Passage. There is a guitarist sitting under a tree and playing to the clarity of his heart and the rhythm of his soul. Sound-wise, the album definitely falls under the new age genre,... Continue Reading →

Nick Drake, Bryter Layter

Nick Drake's second album might have been a distinct departure from the pastoral identity of his first album Five Leaves Left, but it is no less folk music because of it. While critics at the time described the album as an awkward mix of folk guitar and cocktail jazz, the record is more a folk... Continue Reading →

The Long Dark and Dan Caine

PC: Unknown The long dark is a quietly brutal and hellish game of survival. Abandoned towns, sparse farmland, and the withering trees of an unending winter dot the landscape. The ever-present danger of the wolves and bears of a harsh Canadian frostbite never really relinquish, and you're continuously forced to scavenge for stale food and... Continue Reading →

How to Fix EA’s Communication Problems

For the last five or six years, EA has become the butt of most jokes among players when it comes to publishing finished and immersive games. Franchises have been scrapped of their DLC, online shooters become wastelands, and other great games receive little to no development, including patching or love, after their release dates. But... Continue Reading →

Thanos is the Perfect Villain

I'll restate the title of this post right here so I can really hit this opinion home; Thanos is the perfect villain. He wishes to wipe out half of all life in the universe.When he comes back a second time, he intends to wipe out all life in the universe.He does this to prevent overpopulation... Continue Reading →


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