Fiftieth time revising the about page… here we go. 

My name is Garrett Carroll, and I write about old and new music through reviews, interviews, features and essays. If you find any of the material I write here interesting or conducive to protruding your interest, consider following the site for more.  

I hope to help people understand and see music in a new way, perhaps be introduced to artists they might’ve never known, or simply create a more refined way to explain music and sound as it is. John Cage once said that music is simply a way of waking up to the life in which we are living, and that is true for me. Music is something I practice and learn about in order to live life and do well. 

After much internal debate about the domain name for this blog, I’ve chosen Anthem of Sound (I keep switching between three names). They all have their origins from Rush songs and albums, though, so it’s not as if this is a completely original name. However, Anthem of Sound best represents the site and its upcoming content.