Short Objective: A site of essays and reviews that seeks to show that art is a reflection of our culture, from society to individuality.

Long Objective: I have a theory. That the entertaining and artistic aspects of art can be interpreted and evaluated through a deep and critical introspective lens.

My name is Garrett Carroll, and I write about music, games culture, and technology from a critical perspective; the merits of the work based on culture and society-at-large. The world might be infatuated with time-sucking videos on YouTube (I am no stranger to this waste of time, although it is not always a waste), but I feel that prose, when carefully put together, is a more engaging, fun and sometimes funny activity to do.

The title of the website is taken from the first track off Rush’s second studio album Fly by Night, released in 1975. The lyrics “Anthem of the heart and, anthem of the mind… / We marvel after those who sought / New wonders in the world” come to mind for the reason for choosing the site’s title. I’m not necessarily here to reinvent the wheel or anything, but I hope to be able to write from perspectives that others might find interesting on topics of my choosing. 


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