Shazam! Review (Spoilers)

DC Comics for the last six years has been known for having various pitfalls within its EU movies, and after the critically acclaimed Dark Knight series, the release of Man of Steel began a 2010s trend of movies with dark, neutral, horribly bad undertones that continued through Zack Snyder's reign over the movies. Superheroes yelling... Continue Reading →

Darkwater’s Human, Album Review

After nine years, six years in 2013 after announcing that they were going to be releasing an album four years ago in 2015, Darkwater has finally released their third album, Human. Given the fact that its been nine years coming, for them to finally release it has me jumping off the edge of a cliff... Continue Reading →

5 Great, Affordable Turntables Under $300

Prime Signature Turntable goes for the low price of $5,999... I promise it's not on this list. If you're looking to get into playing vinyl records, you'll probably need a good turntable to play said records. It goes hand-in-hand with the hobby. Without a turntable, you're simply collecting dusty old records or new records, colorful... Continue Reading →

History Before the Recording of Sound

Tape recorder While it's possible to imagine a time before recorded history, I don't think it would be completely possible to think of this time as being fruitful and less forgetful. In the modern day we've never had to experience a time or place in which there weren't some sort of recordings of sound beyond... Continue Reading →

Why I Collect Vinyl Records

Red vinyl record with stylusI know this question has been answered a million times, and I likely have no new, inherent information to pull people to my reasons on why people collect vinyl records, but I nonetheless will write on this topic. Nowadays, with the plethora of formats that we can listen to music on,... Continue Reading →

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